Course Review on The Era of Technological Evolution Essay

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Every chapter in this course was very informative in its own way. Every era has experienced a technological evolution, what matters the most is who adapts and get benefited from that technology. One of the chapter which was very interesting was the The information systems and the Design of work. Information technology in today’s world has touched a new height whose motto is to make things simpler. It was only with the help of technology we are able to shrink our desktop computer so small that now we can make it fit easily in our pockets (Mobile Phones) (Arvind, Richard & Ann, 2005). One of the concepts which were focused is the fusion of IT in today’s life. The IT effect has affected almost every field and this statement is supported by …show more content…

The second concept which is according to me is in the chapter Governance of information Systems Organization. The main description about the IT governance process is that the decision making rights in the company are being divided among the stakeholders who are in the enterprise and this will also help to make and monitor the strategic and crucial decisions of the IT (Ryan, 2004). This chapter also mentioned about the three models of governance which are centralized, decentralized and federal. With the advancement of the information technology, the need of Information security and governance has increased a lot. Every organization stores data which is an important asset to them. This misuse of technology had led hackers to get into the company’s system and steal or provide harm to their data. So, in order to safe guard its data, a company has to follow a security framework or practices. This is possible with the implementation of Information security strategies, security policies, etc. I work in the security and compliance department at CMS at one of my work is to do the gap analysis on the existing IT policies and update them in according to the NIST (National Institute of Security and Technology) and COBIT (Control Objectives for Information and Related Technology) standards. The IT security policies of CMS are being followed my many agencies and as I work in the security department, I came to realize the importance of security as even a single loop hole is

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