Crazy, By Pete Earley

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The book, Crazy, is an interesting, and informative non-fiction book, about the struggles that mental health patients and their family members encounter. Pete Earley starts off the story by talking about his son Mike, who started to act strangely in his senior year of college. (Earley page 9). It turned out that Mike would be diagnosed with bipolar disorder, and was prescribed medications. Mike thought he was fine, therefore would frequently stop taking his medications. Mike refused treatment from a hospital that he was admitted to. Because he was not a danger to himself, a danger to others, or gravely disabled; the doctor could not force him into treatment. Because, Mike stops taking his medications, his symptoms got worse. Pete discussed …show more content…

Making it difficult for patients to receive adequate health care for their psychological issues. From a nursing standpoint, this book was interesting and informative. It demonstrated that the legal and psychological health care systems need to be fixed. At the end of the story, Pete concluded that mental illness is a disease that his son must endure for the rest of his life. However, he will be there to help his son, and will never abandon Mike (Earley page 361). This story is a controversial novel that uncovers many issues that the health care and legal system encounter. Pete Earley includes many difficult stories that people with mental illness and/or their family members endure. As well as, discusses the struggles he went through to get his son into treatment. Mike has bipolar disorder, and would refuse treatment, since he has the right to refuse treatment, there legally was nothing the doctors could do to help. It is interesting that when Mike refused treatment, he was not in the right state of mind, however, there is legally nothing that the health care providers can do. It is astonishing, that if Pete wanted to get Mike involuntary admitted, then he must lie and tell the health care providers, that his son threatened to kill him. The health care field is all about being open, and being there for the patient, however, because of all the laws in place, it prevents patients from receiving vital care. Hence, Pete’s story positively impacts nurses to want

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