Crazy Horse And Custer Comparison

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Crazy Horse and Custer Comparison As being two revered warriors from completely opposite sides, General Armstrong Custer and Crazy Horse held very similar characteristics that ultimately made them tick. After doing some deep research on these two men it was almost complete fate that they met on the battlefield of Little Bighorn. To what I say that their lives were destined to go the way they did, so they would fight face to face. As for the paper goes these two men were brought up with completely different family scenarios that led them to the great warriors that they ended up being. George Armstrong Custer was born December 5, 1839 in New Rumley, Ohio to Emanuel and Maria Custer. According to an article written by Jeffry Wert of History.Net, Custer was given the nickname “Autie” by his mother on top of other like “Hard Ass and Iron Butt” . Autie was almost or was fully worshipped by his other sibling and especially was spoiled by his parents at a very young age. This mindset was driven deep into Autie’s mind that he could probably get away with anything that he did bad or great. Wert goes on by saying that “Autie was bright” but was a “bad boy in school” , just because he wasn’t willing to put the work in, in the classroom. Eventually Custer wanted to join the army mainly this being the only place in life that interested him, in June 1857 Custer enrolled into West Point, but this went as well as his schooling in his younger years. In his full four
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