Creating A New Programming Language Essay

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A programming language is, in reality, a set of simple or complicated instructions in which we can instruct computers how to accomplish a task. Today we might be entertained by the fact that there are more than 1000 programming languages [1], and maybe, more are being created at the time of writing this paper. Why would anyone care about creating a new programming language, if we have plenty of them? There are two common reasons for that; learning purpose and/or to solve a problem. With the idea of solving a problem, that is where Go, a programming language developed by a group of engineers at Google, comes into action. They noticed that "no major systems languages has emerged in over a decade, but over that time the computing landscape has changed tremendously." [2]. Go implements functionalities that are not well supported in other system programming languages. "The goals of the Go project were to eliminate the slowness and clumsiness of software Development at Google... The language was designed by and for people who write and read and debug and maintain large software systems." Go, unlike Lisp and other programming languages created mostly as research projects [4], was developed to create a better experience for engineers. Go might lack of some feature that modern programming languages have, but it tackles the problems that "make large-scale software development difficult.". Some of these problems are: slow to compile, hard to read, cross-language builds, and more. Go
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