Creating A Web Site For A Non Profit Organization

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Kids Are People Too “Help yourself and your community by helping others” Creating a web site for a non-profit organization A prototype of a web experience Today’s Date: 4/24/2015 Prepared By: Angel Sanchez Email: Phone: (386) 555-5555 PROJECT OVERVIEW This project follows the non-profit organization “Kids Are People Too”, which is committed to helping middle school and high school students improve their volunteer skills as well as positively give back to their communities. The main target audience for this project would be the general public in order to bring about exposure and awareness towards the organization with the possibility of reaching out to different events/organizations that can …show more content…

This documented schedule must have a clear understanding on how Kids Are People Too: 1. Develop different programs either towards schools (after school mentoring) or the community 2. Bringing up discussions amongst various regions of the country. 3. Bring parents and students together. GENRAL NOTES The final product must be able to establish communication between the organization and the general public. This will be done through social networking, visual media, a newsletter, announcement board, articles and/or links to appropriate site, and an online store. The organization will provide the information needed to enter into the different parts of the web site, such as photos, videos, links to other web pages, logos (if applicable), slogans/catchphrases (if applicable), in order to establish a “brand” for the organization. This will enable trust between the general public and the organization. It is assumed that the visual media (photos and videos) will be available in the common formats to ease development with the programmers (i.e. photos that have a .jpeg or .png extension and videos that have a .mov or .mp4 file extension). The prototype will be an offline HTML document to show the organization how

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