Creation Myths And Its Impact On Society

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As human beings, we have our own general understanding of how our world came to be. Whether we are in church, the synagogue, or the temple humans have established ideologies. Humans use the creation myths to bring about some understanding as to how humans magically or purposely inhabited the earth. However, even though myths satisfy this yearning for how and why, the scientific world revolted with the idea that creation myths are no longer satisfactory. In unison paleoanthropologists and archeologists along with many other historians said that we as humans need a scientific, concrete, and factual basis for our existence. As a result of many years of research and discovery the scientific world came to two conclusions. Either “Homo erectus evolved into Homo sapiens in each region of migration (Spodek 16)” most notably known as Candelabra. Or the “Homo erectus evolved into Homo sapiens only once- in Africa (Spodek 16)” most notably known as the Noah’s Ark model. Through my journey of understanding both schools of thought I began to rethink the basic sugar coated origins of humanity that teachers spoon feed in high school. Spodek along with the associate authors shined a little light on the fact that Homo sapiens most likely stemmed directly from Africa and migrated to other places in the world. Which leads me to my thesis: Homo erectus evolved into Homo sapiens only once in Africa, and then emigrated to the rest of the world. Even though my thesis aligns with the Noah’s Ark

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