Creation vs. Evolution Essay

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Creation vs. Evolution

Since the publication of Darwin’s Origin of Species in 1859, there has been a continuous debate in the United States regarding evolution and creation. Recently, this debate has intensified throughout America over the issue of whether or not to include creationism in the public school curriculum either in conjunction with evolution or as a replacement for the theory. With such a volatile subject being argued, there are other issues that are brought up at the same time. I find these side issues to the evolution/creation debate to be very perplexing. The many differing viewpoints that my friends, family, and the American public in general believe are incredibly interesting. There are varying strict
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However, I found the truth of the matter to be that there are extremely different views that people have about the story of evolution and creation. People have not just “taken a side” and called themselves a strict creationist or an evolutionist; people have combined the two views into a personal idea that they created to support their beliefs in both science and the Bible.

For example, I interviewed my closest friend from Oregon State University, Myron Kutch (real names were changed), about what he thought about evolution and creation. Kutch does not have the typical views that are accepted by the Catholic Church or his family. Instead he believes in an odd combination of science and religion. Kutch thinks that God created the earth within seven days according to the Bible. He believes that plant and animal life was created within these seven days by God, but has evolved since the time God put them on earth billions of years ago in order to survive. Kutch believes that “God created each kind of animal and that living thing evolved into different species. For example, God created several kinds of birds and those evolved into the kinds of birds we have today, such as sparrows.” [1] He also believes that God created Adam and Eve as the first humans on earth, but that they were primitive forms of humans. He reasons that science has proved that humans, including

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