Creationism And Id Is Not? Essay

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sean samis, # 58: “bornagain77, KF, Mung, mw, Origenes, Silver Asiatic, StephenB and any others I might have missed: I thank you all for your comments here. Whenever I get someone saying that creationism/ID is not actually religious, I refer them to your comments and those like yours. Your comments make the case for me: Creationism in all its forms is religion. It does not belong in any science curricula except as an example of what science is NOT. Sincerely; thank you.” __________________________________________ "Creationism/ID is not actually religious" who said that? Surely, there is indeed sound science in those movements. Yes, YEC or OEC may have more religion in their overtones than the broader remit of the spirituality within the ID movement. However, as we all know, in such “science curricula” any intelligence that questions consensus science must be rejected and is not allowed in class, perhaps because Darwinists are afraid their faith-based pseudo-scientific stance, which surely stands on quicksand, will be uncovered for what it is, a beguiling delusion. Furthermore, Shamans can do better at looking at dead bones and seeing what they really mean (stasis of kinds) rather than the self-hypnotised who looked at a pig’s tooth and said it was a missing human link; or looked at the Piltdown fiasco, while all king Darwin’s horses and all king Darwin’s men, could not detect a fraud for years and years. Surely, the evidence points to how easily we are beguiled into
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