Creative Story : A Short Story

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He pounded his fist against the wooden door impatiently, as his knuckles turned white and the pain stung his fingers, yet no response was heard from the other side. For a man who never shut up, Jimin was suspiciously quiet. Something was wrong. Terribly wrong. “How many times did I have to tell you Jimin - there are and will be many other girls out there who will gladly marry you without second thought and love you with their entire heart?” Jungkook consoled from behind Jimin’s door, standing in the hallway and knocking repeatedly on the door waiting to be let in for what felt like hours. At this rate, he was considering camping outside the heir’s room, to slide against the oak wood and slouch as he would sit on the cold, hardened floor. It was the morning after the royal banquet, and Jimin hadn’t left his room since the previous night. He had slammed his door shut and locked himself away from the world after his tragic defeat. No one has seen him since he had drunk and knocked himself unconscious to drown away his sorrows and woes, and the town had acted in frenzy looking for the lost heir. It was unusual for the golden boy of the Hanyang faction not to be roaming the avenue with his wide, sincere smile, joyous laughter and warm, cheerful energy, and the city definitely felt his absence. Jimin swore at himself under his breath, upset at himself for letting a girl have such a dramatic effect on him when the previous girls he had courted were easily forgotten, but she

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