Creative Story : A Short Story

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Billy woke up to Prega yelling in his ear , and he responded with, “ BE QUIET YOU DUMB BIRD!” She squawked again and Billy mumbled, “ yeah I know we have to go.” So Billy and Prega got ready to head to Frengland to go to there ship. When they got there Billy picked up a newspaper and it declared, “ A random man and his tiger have been seen running around Hijacking people's boats in the Partic sea. BEWARE.”

Prega said out of the blue, “We should go across those waters and go to Parlena and trade!” Billy responded with, “Are yer crazy matey?!” “Well of course I am” said Prega. So they argued a while longer but finally agreed to go to Parlena and trade . So when they got onto their ship Billy yelled, “ Isn't she a Beut? This ship, best of 1786!” After days at sea they spotted a terrible storm in the distance but decided to go through it.

“WOW THIS STORM IS WORSE THAN I THOUGHT!” Yelled Prega in a muffled yell. “ I KNOW RIGHT!” Billy yelled back. So when they tried to save their ship one of the sails broke off , but instead of trying to save it they just decided to go down to the lower deck and to wait out the storm that has grown to a thunderstorm. When they made it down Billy realized that Pregas wing was hurt and asked her, “Are you okay Prega?” Prega responded with,” Um… I think my wing is broke or something.”

Around fifteen minutes after Prega broke her wing there was a terrifying flash of lighting and an enormous blast of thunder. “Prega, that was the

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