Jack Levine Alternate Ending

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When Levine had initially thought up the Girl-Next-Door concept and advertised on the college Bulletin Board, he hadn't imagined himself as one of the participants to appear in the footage, but simply as the man who'd film it. However, as his relationship with Sophie had grown and he'd come to discover just how easily she could be aroused and convinced to spread her legs anytime, anywhere, that had changed and he found himself enjoying being on the other end of the camera for all the world to see him screwing the eighteen year old senseless. The man was a pornographer, it wasn't like he had a reputation to protect, except possibly with the gorgeous teen brunette currently half-naked, skin coated with champagne, currently with her mouth …show more content…

When her lips once again wrapped around his head, it drove the man over the edge. Bucking off the tiles, he groaned and hooked his fingers in her hair, tearing at her tresses as the couple looked on, holding her head down as he exploded into her hot warm mouth. His body shuddering and his breath ragged, Levine didn't release his grip in her hair, or the palm on her head, allowing her to pop his shaft from between her lips after he was sure she'd swallowed every last drop. "Holy fuck, Soph." Throwing a glance up at the couple, and even from that distance able to see the gleam of white teeth from the man's smile, he started at the teen with mouth open, and softening cock bobbing in the air. Needing a refractory period before he fucked Sophie into oblivion, Adam finally caught his breath and smiled as he collected the champagne bottle. "Damn, you are on hot little fucking slut, you think the mans up there jerking off over you? He replied, groaning as he pushed himself to his feet, and tipped the bottle so that the liquid flowed into Sophie's mouth, filling it like had just with his seed, and dribbled out to run down her tits. "Should we continue the show?" Smiling, he gripped Sophie's arm and turned her around, this time placing her ass down where his had been, and slipped his hand between her legs. "Give them a glimpse of that tight, little pink cunt and show them what they're missing out on." Levine continued as

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