Creative Writing: A Beautiful Whitman Mission

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We just got to beautiful Whitman Mission, wait well, I thought beautiful. There are a lot of burned down buildings here and I thought that is was our final stretch to load ourselves on supplies, but there is nothing here besides one family and burned down buildings. My wagon train and I go to talk to them and we find out that the, Cayuse tribe of Indians and burnt down all the buildings and raided everyone, they came right on the day that it was happening and they also had planned on getting supplies they were completely out and still are, they have been starving there for a little over 3 days so my wagon train and I had felt really bad and gave them some supplies. We felt bad for them, but it was a huge mistake to do that now because everyone.…show more content…
We had to travel across this strip of land called the dales and we had to pay a toll. But we did not have enough money so we had to give some stuff from my wagon in exchange for some
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