Creative Writing : An Essay

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As I turn in a slow circle, I'm confronted by Patsy, grinning like the Cheshire cat! John, however, wears a dignified smile. “Hey, you made it!” I lunge towards Patsy with open arms, who accepts my embrace, wrapping her arms around me. “You look spectacular!” Patsy wears a simple white dress, with a soft pink ribbon around her waist, upon her feet, a pair of silver slippers; she curled her hair and applied a light layer of makeup. “Thank you,” she replies, “but not as stunning as you.” As we release, I observe John waiting patiently for his turn. As he envelopes me in his arms, he brings his lips close to mine; I turn my face, causing his lips to land on my cheek instead. Such a strange greeting for John, we've hugged in the past, …show more content…

As we turn, Angelo stands with his hands in his pockets, wearing his mischievous grin. John, however, stands with his arms folded across his sky-blue, shirted chest, wearing a distinctively obvious, fake smile. What could have possibly happened in the short time Patsy and I were otherwise occupied? As I continue to scrutinise the two men, I'm reminded of Clyde and Derrick. In this scenario, Angelo plays the role of Clyde, the tall, handsome club owner who flirts with all the women, and his counterpart, John, who plays the role of Derrick, a great deal shorter, less attractive, and wears an angry sneer as he knows he's inferior to Angelo. It's common knowledge for men to show aggression when their attraction is in play, but I'm not dating John, nor Angelo, I'm astonished by John's behaviour. Refusing to acknowledge John's aggravated glare, though it appears aimed towards Angelo rather than myself, I turn my attention towards Patsy, who can't refrain her gaze from Angelo. The tension continues to pervade the air, though it's radiating from John. Why is he being such a jerk? “I'm heading up on stage in a few minutes, why don't you find a table?” “Sure, where would be the best place for us to watch you?” Patsy asks. “You can use my table tonight,” Angelo offers. “Ordinarily, I would join you, but I have an errand to run.” With an outstretched hand, he clutches Patsy's and brings it to his lips where he leaves a kiss. “Patsy,

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