The Sphere Of The Space

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The dim glowing of the sphere lit up the pitch black of the room, only enough so that the hand holding it could be seen. The large audience was a collection of quiet oohing and aahing, barely audible whispers could be heard from where the sphere was. It took only a second to recapture the audience’s attention as the sphere started to move around slowly, the glow grew stronger, now barely illuminating a body. The person was controlling the sphere with such ease, as if it was just another extension of their body. The sphere moved so fluidly over their hands and arms, gliding over and in between finger tips before returning to its stationary position.
Everything suddenly stopped, the audience was still and the ball had returned to its dim …show more content…

A smirk crossed her lips as she knew that the people were quite taken by it.
“My name is Cecilia. As you can see, I am not getting burnt. This is not painful, this is not harmful. That’s why I can do this.” Cecilia spoke for the first time since she had been revealed, twirling the fire around her arms as she did before the lights were cast down. She paused a moment more after rolling the fire between her fingers and over her hands again. Embers from the fires had fallen beneath her feet and immediately snuffed out before anything around her could catch flame.
The audience had become a roar of applause and cheer when she stopped. The show was over and Cecilia turned away from the audience, snuffing out the ball of fire in a clenched fist. Cecilia had left the stage area and headed towards a small house, opening the door she was greeted by many others around her age or older.
“Cilly that was a great performance. The audience loved you!” She said being greeted with a kiss, the girl being much taller than Cecilia and having to bend down to kiss her. Cecilia returned with a smile, sitting down on a couch next to the taller girl.
“Don’t you get tired of me yet, Tora?” Cecilia asked, before taking out a cigarette. She put the vice between her lips before lighting it with a flame she produced with her fingertips, taking a large puff, the smoke shooting out of her nose as opposed to her

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