Creative Writing: Behind The Ball

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While riding his bike down the gravel road, Justin noticed his friends gathered in a grassy field, and rode over to join them. “Wait up,” he called out. “Where’re you going?”
“To the ballpark come on and go with us,” Tommy said and waited.
“Hey Oliver, has a bat, and Jimmy has a ball. Let’s practice, out here,” Tommy said, as Jimmy threw the ball to Kenny and then ran out into the field.
“I’ll find some things we can use for bases. Come on Cecil, you and Jason can help me,” Oliver said, as the boys ran into the field. Within minutes, they returned carrying three rocks and an old trash can lid.
“Yeah, let’s play, ‘over the line’ until they’re finished at the ball park,” Kenny said, soon the game was underway, they took turns batting. When …show more content…

He said I had to pay for it, or he would call Mom and Dad and put me in jail. I can’t go to jail because of my baseball,” Justin said, ready to cry.
Louise stood frozen for a moment before she stomped her foot and screamed loudly. “He said what!”
“We were playing ball, and I broke a window,” Justin repeated what he just said to Fanny.
“Okay, you come with me,” she said, grabbing his hand and down the hallway she went. “We’ll give you the money you take it to him, but don’t you ever go near him again. If you do, you will be in so much trouble.” Louise rushed toward the living room with Justin following her.
“Now you tell your father what you told us,” Louise said, wanting Mike to know how dangerous the old man was. Justin shook while explaining what had happened. Mike removed the money from his wallet and handed it to his son.
“Thank you, I promise to hurry back. You can take it out of my allowance,” Justin said, watching his mother’s strange behavior and thought her concern was for his safety if he went back to the old man’s house.
“That I will do and you can count on it.” Mike watched his son run out the back door within seconds he rode out the driveway and down the street on his

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