Creative Writing: Clydeville

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Friday, October 13th, there was a carnival coming to Clydeville. Clydeville was a very small town, everybody knew everybody. At the Clydeville high school everyone usually kept to themselves. Leo and Carly were the main couple of the school. They planned on going to the carnival that night because they wanted to go out that night. They thought something terrible was going to happen. They thought right.
Later that night they headed off to the abandoned barnyard where the carnival was taking place. There was a lot of people there in masks and weird hats. At the darkest part of the carnival there was a small blue and yellow tent that said “The Supernaturals.” A strange noise was coming from the tent “SCREECH SCREECH” and it got louder and louder
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They spoke a language that didn’t even sound human. They both growled at Leo and then disappeared into the darkness leaving Leo and Carly alone. Leo looks up at Carly’s body dangling from the ceiling “I’m going to get us out of here.” He looked around the poorly lit room and finds a saw. He cut himself out the ropes and pulls the chains down closer to the floor to free her. Then “SLAM!” Leo went airborne across the room right into the wall. His head and shoulder started to gush blood he grunted but before he could get up, something shot straight into his leg he hollard. The Clown Man was hovered over him with his long curved nail deep into Leo’s leg and whispers “I will kill you slowly and steal your face if you try that again.” His breath smelled like decaying bodies and garlic. The Clown Man makes the clicking sound again and his little assistant limps out of the shadows. “The name’s Skins, do not underestimate the master.” said Skins. Leo grunts and says “What exactly did he mean by steal my face?” Skins scowls at him “Follow me dirtbag.” They go off into the darkness leaving Carly and Clown Man alone. Skins took Leo to a dim room full of dead human bodies. “Dirtbag, If you look at them closely you will see that neither of them have faces. said Skins. Leo started to shake and cry but before he could even reply “BOOM!” Carly falls directly in front of him. Leo grabs her…show more content…
Skins was just waiting for him to kill Leo and take his face as his own. There was a faint sigh above there their heads, “Carly, Please say something babe?” Leo whines. Carly slowly opened her eyes and screams to the top of her lungs. Skins disappeared into the shadows, The Clown Man’s head did a 360 and turns to Carly. She struggles to get out of the chains but there was nothing that she could do. Leo kicked the Clown Man’s head making it spin back towards him. He stabs his long nails into his leg wounds again, and made the clicking sound. Skins comes out of the darkness looks up at Carly. She stares at Leo. Skins makes his way towards Leo and slits his throat. Carly screams and cries while she watches her the love of her life collapse to the floor. The Clown Man inhales the smell of blood and before Carly could even blink Leo’s face was completely gone. The Clown Man turns his head back to Carly and removes his mask. There it was Leo’s
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