Creative Writing : Communication Is The Basis Of Civilisation

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Communication is the basis of civilisation. My first fumblings towards its' importance weren't so civilised. The thrill of creative writing, creating a world and populating it with only my imagination, used to cause me to shout out in excitement during Primary School. Rest assured, this is not a habit that will surface during lectures, but my enthusiasm hasn't waned. Anyone can put a sentence together, but to be original with the process takes some doing and this is what I admire. I love to listen too, so school has been a great environment for me. I believe that eloquence is the highest virtue one can aspire to because there's no reason in honing any other if you can't communicate to people how they can do the same; if you can't widen the arena in which betterment can occur. As I've grown up and taken on more responsibilities, it's always been this idea that I've come back to. That said, my view of the world and myself has changed to some degree. I'm going to be candid here and admit that I used to be too shy to do much beyond going to school, but I'm now busy making up for lost time and kicking myself for not doing so sooner. I'll always be grateful to Hazlehead Academy for helping me grow my confidence and I'd love to be able to look back on my time in university just as fondly.
Academic studies are definitely my area, those heavily featuring the use of English being my forte. I was awarded the S5 prize in Biology, The Mary Durno Award (English) and the Frank Treasurer

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