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“Death’s Toll” By Faythe McDonald

AS I WALKED DOWN THE FAMILIAR ROAD that lead to my home, I quietly watched as children played by the pond, parents laughed by their porches, and animals ate at the grass. One family was sitting on the porch, laughing away as a young dog bounced around and barked at their feet. “Mother, may I go down to the water with the other children?” One young girl asked, her innocent eyes staring up at her mother. “No, Amara, we are having supper soon.” The young girl frowned, but then jumped back up again with a smile. “What’s for supper?” The woman got up and opened the door, beckoning her daughter and other children inside, where a father was sitting at a small wooden table, working on some papyrus.

I sighed.
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She looked up at me, blinked, and looked back down at the patient, wrapping a thin wool bandage around his side. “Hello, Adilia.” She nodded up at me, and stepped away from the unconscious man. “He should be fine..” She said, walking away from the table.

Our village was not very poor, as we were a more civilized village, with large stone walls surrounding us. We were beginning to pave our streets in cobble, and as our quarry was very large, we were able to buy enough stone to floor our homes. My home, since my mother was an apothecary, was one of the first to make the renovation.

The room in which you entered first was where she took care of patient, and was very neat and tidy. The next room was a little bit bigger, as it was where me and my mother lived. It was a small house, compared to the lord of our villages home and our church, and many other important buildings, but was large compared to some homes, where they lived with no walls, but poles of wood holding thatch above them. Other than that, there was only a straw bed in the corner, and a circular table near our oil furnace and wooden tub, cold water keeping meats and other food cold and fresh. We owned a small, tin tub for bathing, but was rarely used, as we would have to carry bucket by bucket from the bog and back, and would take lots of effort. So, we waited until the first rain of the month, when the waters were high to the tip of the bank, not far away from the back of our
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