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“Oww…. Oww… my back… it hurts!” Hazel sat up gingerly, lightly brushing her fingers along the back of her shirt, still sticky with blood. “Don’t touch idiot! I had to shred my coat to get those bandages, and you don’t want to reopen those wounds.” Siri scolded, lying her down on her stomach, “Sit down Xaj!” “I wasn’t tryin’ to get up,” Xaj argued, trying to wink at Hazel, but grimacing as he sat back down. Hazel peered around their surroundings, the building, still completely furnished was littered with stray papers, twisted pencils were stuck oddly in the ceiling, and a slight chilling wind blew in through a shattered window. She wanted to say something to Xaj and Siri, but she didn’t, she couldn’t find the words. It had been three …show more content…

Xaj sat quietly. Hazel was soon on her feet and hobbling gingerly around, supported by the lynx, who they had named Ira. “Xaj,” Hazel felt a strange sensation creeping up her throat, “Thanks.” The word felt strange and hot on her tongue, “Just… Thanks. For… the food… and the coin.” He didn’t reply. “Let’s go,” Even Siri felt the heaviness in the air, her blunt, obliviousness to the rest of the world couldn’t shield her from the force that had kept them together. That had kept a pickpocket from stealing what he wanted and running because he could, that kept a bad-mouth, lonely, furious kid from abandoning a burden, and that had brought a rich snob down to the floor to eat besides those without a penny to spare. “Bye,” Xaj looked up at her with cold eyes, a slight warmth flickered for a moment, then was replaced with stone. “Go on, get,” He jerked his head towards the stairs. They started to walk, trying to escape the pressing heartache that was bearing down on them, “Wait...” They turned back to Xaj, whose hardness had broke again, “Siri… You were so much like her… my sister... Eilsel. That… I just had to tell you.” Siri looked like she wanted to say something, but instead, she ran, took off pounding down the forty-six flights of stairs until she was in the lobby. Hazel followed, but she couldn’t stop looking back. They didn’t exchange a word as Hazel gently poured a few drops over Eilsel’s coin. It

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