Creative Writing: First Pickball

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First Pitch I was on the mound, looking at the catcher’s mitt, while the hitter got into the box and took his stance. The home plate umpire yelled, “Play ball!” I started my windup, left leg back, turn the right foot parallel to the mound, lift the front leg, and drive. I released the ball, and I watched it travel through the air towards the plate. You could hear the ball smacked the catcher’s glove, and the umpire yelled, “Sttrriiikkkee one!” We were in the hotel room Saturday morning before the game. I went down to eat the continental breakfast the hotel provided. As I got off the elevator I said to my coach. “Hey Coach, how is it going?” “Pretty good,” my coach replied. “Can I talk to you for a minute?” “Yeah of course,” I replied. We sat down, and …show more content…

The catcher put two figures down; he called a 12-6 curveball. I nodded up and down as I began my wind-up for the third time. The ball was traveling towards the plate, and I could see the forward spin of the ball. As it got closer and closer to the plate, I could see the batter loading up to swing at it. The batter started his swing, and the ball dove right underneath his bat, thanks to the forward spin of the ball. The ball landed at the base of home plate. The catcher was able to block the ball and tag the batter out before even leaving the batter’s box. I could now just have fun with the rest of the game. The top of the first inning went by super quick, going 1,2,3 with two strikeouts and a little dinker hit right back at me. I got all kinds of congrats going back to the dugout. It was now our turn to bat. I was not in the batting lineup since I was pitching. We ended up scoring one run that inning. That was all we were going to need for runs. It was the top of the seventh inning, the last chance for the Wichita Reds to score and send the game into extras. So far they were only able to mustard up two hits and two walks off of me in the prior six

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