Creative Writing: Jail Cells

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I sighed deeply as I sat back on the bed. After the police arrested me and put me in here, I haven’t seen any form of humanity for the week that I’ve been in this jail cell. The meals are passed through a flap on the door and no one came to visit. It all started that morning….

“Grayson Wu! How could you? I once saw you as a friend but now you don’t even deserve to be in front of me!”
“Bella! Wake up! Wake up! You can’t leave us like this!”

I opened my eyes with difficulty, voices rung through my head worsening my headache. Silhouettes formed in front of me. I could faintly see that it was Zander, Catelina and Bella’s parents. “What happening?” I asked faintly.

“What’s happening! Grayson Wu I’m going to kill you for doing this to Bella!” …show more content…

Pounding on the door, I yelled, “Catelina! Open the door! It’s me! Grayson!” A piercing scream sounded from the apartment. I bashed the door down in a rush and ran into the apartment. The scream sounded again. It’s from the direction of the bathroom. Opening the bathroom door, blood came into my vision. Speckles of bright red blood decorated the white tiles. Catelina was lying in a puddle of blood. Her eyes wide open in fright and blood gushing out from her torn neck. Suddenly, patches of darkness appeared in front of me as my conscious slowly drifted away. A pair of hypnotising eyes was the last thing I saw.

I slowly gained conscious as a voice sounded next to me. An interior of a car comes into my vision, memories from before tells me that this is Zander’s car. I looked at around in confusion and tried to think of what happened before but excruciating pain filled my head as I thought deeper into my memories.
“Grayson, I’m telling you for the last time! I didn’t kill Bella! You’re the murderer!” A voice startled me out of my thinking.
“What are you talking about? I never thought it was you who killed Bella! Listen to me, Zander, I found evidence that it was Catelina who committed the crime! She was the one who tried to make me take the blame!” I explained hurriedly to Zander.
Zander looked at me like I’m a lunatic, “Okay, you’re going back to the police station immediately. It’s clearly that you’re not in the right mind and I don’t even know how you got

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