Analysis Of The Book ' The Night ' Of The Treaty '

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This week I have kept my mind clear of this weekend 's plans. Jake would be showing up in a little bit and after he reminded Edward of the treaty he was going to ride back to La Push with me. Today was Tiffany 's birthday and Embry and I went in together and bought her a present that we were going to give her. I had stayed up late last night decorating a cake. It was her favorite, strawberry, and I had put chocolate frosting on top. I even used white frosting that I dyed green to write 'Happy Birthday ' and put flowers around edges.

The phone rang as finished making dinner. I was taking most of it with me to the Call 's but I was leaving some of it for Uncle Charlie 's and Bella 's dinner. Edward would be bringing Bella home from work at …show more content…

He 'll know that you wouldn 't have known." Jake said like he was brilliant.

"But that 's not going to keep Bella from throwing me under the bus. You know how she hates me. If she goes down for this she is just going to take me with her." I said. I have better things to do then stare at my four walls for however long Uncle Charlie grounds me for.

"Then tell him you felt that it was up to Bella to come clean about what she had been up to. That tattling is never the answer." Jake said.

"If I get in trouble, you get to tell Embry why I am in deep shit." I said. Jake laughed.

"Just wait in your room till after I bring the bike. After he screams and yells, come down and offer to drive me home. We go around the corner and park. I wait until Bella and her leech show up and I remind them of the treaty. Then we actually head down to the res. You can drop me at Sam and Emily 's and I 'll stay there till I go home later. I 'll have to report to Sam anyway." Jake said.

"Okay. See you in a little bit." I said and hung up.

I wrapped the cake and put it in the back of the car and grabbed the wrapped box that held Embry 's and my gift to Tiffany and put it in the center console. Everything was ready for Jake 's big stunt. I went upstairs to get my homework done while I waited.

Uncle Charlie yelled up the stairs that he was home at five forty-five and it was about five

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