Creative Writing: Macy's Mall Of Chicago

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Momentary Darkness Her cold latex hands took hold of my bare arm as she pulled it toward her and said with a smile, “this will only hurt a bit!” I felt a chill go through my body as the hypodermic sword pierced my skin. The white walls around me seemed to be closing in like a vignette photo, darkening around the edges and becoming blurry until suddenly, darkness. I was floating upon a puddle of dark abyss. I laid there for what seemed like hours until my limp body hit the tile floor. I awoke in a daze moments later, my feet being held above my now dizzy head and feeling like I had been hit like a truck. “What happened?” I mumbled as I began to sit up. The room, now filled with doctors and nurses, erupted in voices insisting I lie back down. …show more content…

The most memorable, and horrifying, of fainting experiences happened not in a doctor’s office, not at the dentist, not even on a dermatology table, but instead, in the Macy’s Mall of Chicago. It was my first ever band trip and I had only just become friends with the majority of the people I was with. My one close friend and I decided to go into Claire’s and buy matching best friends necklaces. After perusing the store, we decided upon a small two-toned heart that split into two pieces. The purple side had an F, which I claimed as mine, and the pink side had a B. Then, I spotted something that would make me seem so cool to the other eighth graders, or so I thought. I snatched up the metal ear cuff that was bedazzled with a small flower and placed it on the checkout counter in front of me. If the staggering tax rate of Illinois wasn’t enough to make me fall over, the amazing new ear cuff was going to be. We strode out of the store, put on our new necklaces, and walked toward our group like the coolest kids in …show more content…

He ordered another yearly shot, the same type that started this all, and I instantly panicked. When he saw the look of terror on my face, he asked me in a soothing tone “what is wrong? You look like you just saw a ghost!” I then explained this recurring phenomenon and a smile crossed his face. He knew what was causing my fainting spells! “Vasovagal Syncope,” he called it, “is somewhat like an anxiety for your brain. It panics and then you pass out as an overreaction.” To me, this seemed like a life-saving diagnosis, all except for one small

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