Who Is My Hero's Journey?

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“It went that way!” I hear them yell as i run down the cold metal hallway. The air suddenly becomes thick and humid as I escape through what seems to be an emergency exit door. I keep running, fearing the inevitable fate that will come to me. I look back at the government run nightmare and pray that my family base gets my distress call. I suppose it’s time to start from the beginning. As a young child, I--Fx71, a genius-- was resented by my community. In my people’s culture, there is a prophecy that says “He who is born after our planet’s destruction, is a sign of change to come”. When my people’s greed overtook the planet, they were forced out and were sent onto a ship--to roam forever and ever--into the depths of space. My birthday was exactly 24 hours after my planet’s end, and my family took it very hard, because what sign could be good after something so bad. After being fully convinced that I was a bad omen, the whole ship crew segregated me and forced me to do tasks unfit for any of the crew from our ship. After years of doing the hard work and slowly making acquaintance with the elders of my ship, I finally landed a job in the power room. Even then i was given the hard jobs where I would have to crawl into the small corners to release the pistons that powered our ship. My small and slender figure…show more content…
The light was as bright as the sun and I could feel my retinas burning. In the back i could hear a slight beeping sound almost like it was graphing my heart beat. I heard voices, “Scalpel.” “I’m going to make the first incision now....” And then nothing, the voices stopped and i was back in my own head. I was startled by a falling sensation, as i was thrown into an even colder room. The light in here was dimmer, but it was still blinding. I crawled over to giant metal door and punched it and screamed for them to let me out. I needed to finish my work, my whole reputation depended on it. In a few
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