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The morning was still our night, time was going in slow circles around us. There's twenty of us all wearing the same dark blue shirt with the saying NYG 2016 stripping the sleeve we all crawl out the door our eyes drooping, backs slumped, legs moving like a baby preparing for walking. My hands fall and fingers go limp as I throw my arms to my side, we head out the door, leaving behind the place on high alert. With thousands of people passing through every day, many sleeping on the black seats that are in rows. Stores, and restaurants that were way overpriced, lined the walls like wallpaper. A consistent buzzing and shaking of the building happened for hours, but today it all halted, for a reason unknown to me. Together, we pass through …show more content…

“You can come…” One of the men waves Cindy over. “No..” The original man begins to raise his voice. All of the men gathered together, their voices begin getting louder, but to each other they all spoke in a dialect incomprehensible to us. Suddenly, Cindy steps in between the men that are arguing over who will get the money. “Look, it’s been one hell of a day, we left at 11 am, got on a plane at 6 pm, now we’re here talking to you, you probably don’t even know what I am saying, but you’re going to listen. Because I will not sit here at 3 am and let you try and tell me, or whatever it is you are doing, and not take all 20 of us to that very nice hotel, that this airport has provided. So you will take these vouchers, or I will go get someone who will! Tomorrow half of my kids are leaving and the other half is staying, my stress level is high and I need you to let me and all of us leave! ...Please.” Cindy talks this man’s head off she sniffles cleary holding back the tears of anger, stress, and sadness. All of us knew as soon as this happened that we all needed to be serious, we have never heard anything like this before. Each of us glued a straight face on, the busy street turned silent, the new day seemed to hide behind the twilight of the night. My hands begin to sweat. I never imagined this being my first moments in the lonestar state. The two pillars broke the silence that had been swept upon us all. They talked in a mocking voice, and

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