Creative Writing: My Own Idea of God

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I closed the door behind me. Fitting it should rain on such a day, long strides as to avoid running. I latched the gate one last time and approached my car. And though the thought had occurred to me before that day, that this car would become my home, I was not prepared to be homeless. If I cared to add another to the list, that car would become the 30th home in 37 years. It goes without saying I never really had a home and I did not feel as if I were leaving my home. Of course I had comfort, convenience and safety. As an artist I could not imagine life without a wall to tack my canvas, a floor to sit and meditate, or a stove to satisfy my passion for the culinary arts. But as a human being I knew the 'things' in my life were no more a privilege than a burden or a vice. As I sat in my new home I stepped back through all my comforts, all my love, my family, my career, my passions and I did not stop at my childhood. I thought of the innocence and the happiness. I became consumed with my ignorant and innocent hope. An hour or so had passed and I still hadn't moved on, but to where would I need to move? It would eventually be that contemplation, still dry from the quiet rain, that would push me from that place with no place to go. To say I became homeless in that moment is only relevant to the statement 'one without a home', and still it is relative only to the conventional idea of homelessness. I had a job, money, a car, bills, food, and though diminished I retained a level
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