Creative Writing: Panda

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Pg 1- Hey!? Who’s there? Oh right, nobody. Well, I am all alone, a panda named Pao all by myself. Pg 2- I sit all day eating my favorite snack, bamboo. But when I run out of bamboo I wander around aimlessly by myself looking for more. Pg 3- I want friends but my species is endangered so there is not a lot of us. Pg 4-It’s not all bad, I heard about some humans who go and take us pandas from the wild and put us in places called zoos. The pandas who are taken get all the food they want. They get to play all day. And the best thing is they have another panda right there to talk to because they have friends right there. Pg 5- I have an idea! I'll go find those humans and make them take me to those zoos. Pg 6- I walk all day and all

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