How To Write A Red Panda Essay

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Red pandas, small mammals related to pandas that live in the himalayas, are the animal I will be telling you all about in this report. The reason I chose the red panda is because they are cute and look very interesting. In this paper, I will be describing the red panda's habitat, there interesting body and their diet.

First I will describe the red panda's habitat. A red panda's habitat consists of bamboo forests and grassy areas with lots of trees. They use trees to keep away from predators. Also, most of their food sources are in trees as well. They are common in areas such as Sichuan, Yunnan and other places in Asia. Red pandas are always on the move. They don't have dens or homes, so they find temporary holes in which they raise their young during their early stages. Then the red pandas pack up, and move again. …show more content…

Fluffy fur keeps the red panda warm in the winter. They also have a false thumb as an extension of their wrist. Another thing is that their red fluffy tail is actually a stabilizer for running in

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