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“Click,” went the door handle, as Tristan picked the lock on the door.

“And we’re in,” he exclaimed.

“Good job soldiers. One step closer to victory,” said Director Schwartz over the earpieces given before they set off. With Tristan and Evan taking out the dictator, the Spanish Government could reclaim the rest of lost, deserted government buildings, and restore the country back to normal.

“Let’s go, Evan. You have the map, right?” Tristan asked.

After Evan pulled out his phone they examined the digital map, the both of them studied it for a bit.

“So, we have just entered through here,” Tristan pointed, “And we have to flank towards the eastern side, without being caught. Seems easy enough for a couple of fifteen-year-olds,” as he …show more content…

“First,” he exclaimed, “Locate and destroy the tool that is tracking you. Typically it may be a security camera or a microchip. Secondly, scout the area. What can you do if you are a chicken with it’s head cut off,” he said rhetorically. “Finally, there are two choices. Kill or hide. Killing the hunter can either ensure your safety or demise.
“First, we have to get to the server room so that we are able to destroy the equipment. After that, we should reevaluate our location and focus on completing the task,” stated Tristan.

The both of them climbed down the fireplace and bolted towards the server room. As soon as they entered the electronics station, they immediately went toward the large, black desk on the side.

“Evan, you know what to do,” Tristan said hopefully.

“On it,” evan replied without even glancing away from the computer.

Evan began searching for all the files, for he wanted to find all the useful information. One thing caught evan’s eye; a picture of a family. The family consisted of a single mom with two young boys surrounding her. Evan attained a slight pang of sadness for the reason of he never spent much time with his own mother.

“Hello? Snap out of it. Evan are you listening to me; I said we don't have much time before they catch on to us. Disable the security cameras so we can take out Blaire,” commanded Tristan.

Evan again began to see the objective of coming here. He quickly found the files, disabled the

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