Creative Writing: Space Defense Offenders

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“You put his name on the Space Defense Offenders’’ Listing isn’t what I would cause helping. Every time I turn around one of the upper crime family sends down one of their daughters to check up on me. All I would need is for one of them to stay with me and have their people check my room to find this communication port. Conrad, I know you love me and I love you just as much, but you have to let me do my job.” “I’m not happy about this, but you will keep your distance from Echo Guild. Did you forget that he was fired from being a captain for sleeping with the owner’s wife?” “You know that’s not true and it’s in my report.” “I’ve read it and I’m confused why you just didn’t let the Dark Shadow…” “I believe I haven’t forgotten that I’m a First Level Agent. Unless my mission is in jeopardy, there will be no casualties, and especially not innocent ones.”…show more content…
He could’ve been stealing credits or forcing crew members to sleep with him. He might even…” “Enough Conrad,” I giggled. “You know Echo Guild was a highly decorated Academy Ship’s Officer with a spotless record. His last mental evaluation was so perfect that I’m surprised it wasn’t used in his trial to prove he was innocent. With the numbers he shows on that alone would…,” I stop talking when I had realized something. “Did we change his record?” “How else did you think we got the conviction? We needed to show everyone that the infamous Nunica Black could do the impossible. Who else could destroy the person with the capabilities and character as the perfect Ship’s Captain as the pristine Echo Guild?” “Now you can show Nunica Black is doing the impossible again. Clear up his
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