Creative Writing: The Basilisk Pretence

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The Basilisk Pretence

All ssstroriesss have happy endingsss. To differensssiate isss easssy: the point of view concludesss everything. And my ssstory hasss a very happy ending, but not the ending you might sssussspect…

The green moon was slowly rising, the eye of the night shining brightly in the sky. The leaves of the trees the only sound breaking the hours of darkness silence. The roar of the lion brewing in my throat, the body of the goat stumping the earth restlessly, and the tail of the dragon swinging silently: I am a Chimaera, known as a dangerous Greek creature, but protector of the Fantastic Animals around me.
However, I am not the only protector. There is the Acromantula (a monstrous eight-eyed spider), the Griffin (who has the head of a giant eagle, but the body of a lion), the Phoenix (a magnificent, swan-sized, scarlet bird with a long golden …show more content…

The Basilisk had moved on, somewhere underground, and I wondered how we would find it again…

A week passed without any progress. Three more bodies were found, and the animals blamed the protectors for the killings. The Ashwinders, Augureys, Billywigs and Chizpurfles ran away from the forest; the Diricawls, Erumpents, Flobberworms and Fwoopers disappeared out of sight and out of mind. The Glumbumbles, Hippocampuses, Jarveys and Jobberknolls attacked anything that came near them while the Kappas, Kelpies, Knarls and Kneazles wanted to help out where they could.
The next morning all the Acromantuals were gone. I knew, being abandoned by a fellow protector, that the Basilisk was close by. Unfortunately, the Phoenix thought it would be an excellent idea if she told everyone who the culprit was and, hopefully, the remaining animals would help. Because the King of Serpents was near, more animals left. Salvation was so close, but so far out of reach.

“Beneath the ground the King of Serpents ssslithersss–”
“–Alone in a sssubway without

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