Creative Writing: The First Warrior

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“THE FIRST COMMANDER IS GETTING RESTLESS, we need to hurry,” a fair-haired Kingsman stated to another. He enters first through the singed door of the last home near the entrance to the grain fields, locking eyes with a disheveled young maiden holding on tightly to a frightened little boy. “Go away and leave us alone!” she screams as he moves towards her. “My son and I have already been questioned.” The other Kingsman enters last and advances to a hand-made straw bed that sat in another corner. He flips it over with ease, seeing nothing underneath and sat it back down on the floor. “My first commander has more questions,” the fair-haired Kingsman begins to speak as the other heads to the door. “If I answer your questions, will you both leave my child and I alone? And never bother us again?” The fair-haired Kingsman nods. “What is …show more content…

He never saw it coming. A fireball exploded into flames on contact, devouring Guardsman Richardson. The extreme heat causes his skin to bubble and the smoke filled his lungs, making it hard for him to breathe. He tries to turn to face his assailant but is suddenly struck by a second to the face and a third to the lower torso. The last, throws him off balance and he falls to the ground, screaming in agony as the flames engulfs his body. The scarlet glow in Marcus eyes is now gone, as he crept to the hole. He stares briefly at the body of the Kingsman that attack his mother and turns to her. He crouches down beside her, pulling back the slit in Sara’s tatter gown, exposing the gash in her stomach that is bleeding profusely. He tears a piece of fabric from his dingy shirt, bundling it into a ball, and places it over her wound. He takes her hand into his, begging his mother to wake. Her eyes slowly open and she whisper his name. “Mother,” he cries, seeing her rise to her feet. He leaps into her arms, in which she did not flinch from the throbbing pain, nor the stickiness of the blood on her hands and

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