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over.” She looked at the old woman. “I even went to my pastor, but when I meet him, Lexus seduced him. Right there in his office.”

“I’m curious about your children, your husband has to know they don’t look like him,” the transgender said.

“They look like me and people have said that he and I look alike. He loves those baby girls. To confess to him that they are not his would break his heart.” She looked around the room. “We have to realize that our confessions outside of this room would ruin lives and send some of us to jail.”

The room became quiet. The businessman thought about this family. Although he worked so hard to fill the shoes of his best friend, his hard work had paid off. He afforded his family a luxury lifestyle. His wife …show more content…

I couldn’t stand it. Fasts as I could clean him, he was going in his pants again. And then he started taking off his underwear and hiding them. Every day, all day long, I had to find them while he laughed at me.

He couldn’t remember anything and was always asking me questions about people who died years ago. Then he started talking about his first wife. That’s all he talked about, how much he loved his first wife. “Where’s May?... I miss my May… Where’s my, May?... May is the only woman I ever loved.” The beatings first started when he put his waste on my face while I was cleaning him up after he went in his clothes. I slapped him out of reflex. Then he got worse and the beatings got worse too. People thought the bruises were self-inflicted. He fell a few times before he was diagnosed and it became a joke that he was clumsy. So it was easy to explain away the bruises. And it didn’t matter how bad off he got, I kept him dressed up, assured his hair and face were trimmed and dyed. People would look at how well he looked and said God was gonna bless me for taking care of my husband so well. They just didn’t know, I wanted him to die so bad, but it seemed like he was gonna out live me. He showed no signs of death. So I smothered him. It wasn’t about money, the insurance was just enough to put him away nice and I did. I made sure he was put away nice and purchased me a plot right next to him, As far away from his dead wife May as I could get them.”

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