Creative Writing : 'The Hoover Carrot Escape'

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The Hoover Carrot Escape

I was born out of a hole, yep, that's right, a hole. An average, normal, mediocre, hole. A hole in my home town of Hooper, Nebraska. A hole. Am I happy or sad, I honestly don't know. Im also orange and good for your eye sight. Don't stick me IN your eyes, for that's not good for you. Let me introduce myself, i'm Carl the carrot.

“Hey Carl” Says a articulation outside of my head. “HEY CARL” vociferated the voice again, now i'm slapped awake by a leaf. I open my eyes from my daydream, all detect is my friend Earl. The leaf was just his banges. He looks at me with his munched up face. “We thought you got killed by that evil thing that took us out of that dark perfect world.” At that moment I realized that we had been picked, something they were to dumb to understand, I had always been the smart one of the group. I also realized that up until now I had been imagining his body by his very crackly, lumpy voice. He looked very terrifying to me, i'm glad I don't as eccentric as that.

“Ok” says Earl, with a down reaching voice like he's the leader of all carrots. “Where are we” he said. I look around, so do my other 2 friends other than Earl. One is very tall, his name is Jack. The other friend is fat and short, he likes to call himself mildly overweight. His name is Alan. I say immediately that were in a bin. The Others agree. “Let's get out of this canister.” says Earl. I quickly go to the holes in the orange bin and, slip through the

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