Creative Writing: The Salem Witch Trail

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Laurel took hold of the weapons that Ryder handed her, she was pleased that he took them from her. Knowing Zinda she would have most likely would have tried something stupid, just like at the farm house. She stared down at the young woman, her head shaking slightly. She was annoyed at herself for wanting to bring her back to camp. She just wanted to believe in people. A slight smile crept to her face when she felt Eric's hand against her arm. Turning her head she looked at him. “Yeah your right.” She whispered with a nod of the head. “Gotta take these back to the armory and deliver Ryders message to whoever gave the weapons back to her. She flashed Eric a smile and walked past Ryder and head off to the armory. She dropped off the weapons and informed the person in charge that Ryder was going to pay them a visit. Exiting the the armory she let out a sigh and made her way to Ryders. Walking up the porch and through the front door. Cross her arms in front of her, she waited for what he had to say. When he finally started explaining what was going on she was annoyed. Ryder had let Austin and his group into the camp, he made them a part of the community he was building and this was how they repaid him. She shook her head. That shit, that shit was wrong…show more content…
She licked her bottom lip and gave her head a shake. She knew she couldn’t just stand back and watch from afar and hope everything was going to turn out okay. No, she need to do something, something to help. “You know I’m with you Ryder, you don’t even have to ask. Though, I feel as if I could be of better use here in town.” She stated honestly. Uncrossing her arms she placed them on her hips. “I can make ammo as well as bombs here in town,” her head tilted off to the side, “If we can find the shit I need to make
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