Creative Writing: The Senate And People Of Rome

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I was once told that sometimes if you look into a mirror long enough you will see the truest reflection of you. Only that wasn’t happening. I wore a fine short sleeved roman white and gold silk tunic with a gold strap at the waist. I had a pair of regular shorts under it. I hooked on a small black cape that came only over my right arm and stopped half way down. On it in gold lettering was S.P.Q.R, which meant Senātus Populus que Rōmānus, or "The Senate and People of Rome". In back when rome was made they spoke latin, and so then the gods started to speak latin. Today the popular language is English so they speak english, but for children of the gods they can learn latin easly (only latin) and speak it fluently in about two months. I grabbed …show more content…

Everything seemed fine, but I felt like something was in the air. My room was still itself with white marble floors, red cushions, and the view it had of Elysian Rome. But it felt different. I scanned the room as if someone invisible was watching, then turned and walked out the door. Downstairs was none other than the 900 year old retired praetor Arne. Arne was a old praetor of Elysian Rome. Yes, Elysian Rome had been around for that long. Anyways, back near 840 years ago Arne was killed by his best friend. Well, before Arne took his “final breath” he prayed to Nemesis, the god of revenge. Nemesis saw what had happened and brought him back to life and gave him immortality to take revenge on his friend. Ever since then he helped prepare and train the praetors since usually the praetors didn’t train with lower ranked …show more content…

His beard dripped with mead and he held a mug about as big as my face. Arne had several women sitting around him. Each was poorly dress and children of Venus. Since Arne came from a age of viking and used to be one himself, he sometimes lacked respect for women. I suppose you can’t teach a old dog new tricks. Arne roared with laughter, it was so loud and obnoxious you could have bet that he had the gods build a microphone in his throat. “Arne!” I yelled, he couldn’t hear me over his own voice “By the gods Arne! You damn oaf listen to me!” he heard that. At first his face went purple with rage, but his color went back to normal when he saw me. Arne gave a huge grin. While his mind might not have been in the right place, his heart certainly was “Hyacinth! Come sit child of rome! Sit!” I walked and sat across from him “A drink for the younger one and another for me!” minutes later a young boy had two beers in on a tray. I didn’t usually drink… in the mornings. I brought the dark beer to my lips. IT had a nice sweet taste, like cheerios, with a cream texture. I pulled it down and when I looked up Arne was still going, laughing I said, “After 900 and you have about as bad a drinking problem as the children of Bacchus! I would like to see you have a drink off.” Arne looked at me wide eyed “Well maybe I will!” we shared a laugh. Connie walked behind and grabbed my drink. Downing most of it she sat it back

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