Creative Writing: Waking Up In High School

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Ah, Monday’s the start of a new week; there is nothing like waking up in the morning filled with exhilarating excitement for the week to come. I woke up feeling like I lost a cage match with Rocky Balboa. I ached everywhere for no reason what so ever. Getting out of bed was a great endeavor I threw back the covers and planted my feet onto the floor. Still sitting I grabbed my right thigh with my opposing arm and pulled popping my back. I walked out of my room to be greeted by my parents and Grier sitting at the kitchen table. We talked for a bit while I ate a piece of toast and a slice of succulent bacon. Then I quickly got ready and caught the bus.
I managed to get to school without a hitch, I mean sure the bus driver hit a few pedestrians. but I mean, us students arrived safely and that is all the really matters. I got off the bus and quickly ran over to find Tobias which was simply a game of find the idiot in the hoodie.
“Hey Tobias where’s Sophia!” I exclaimed after noticing
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I pulled out m phone to check, and I hadn’t gotten any text since yesterday. Then I saw it: I’ll see you on Tuesday. I showed Tobias, “I wonder what that means.” I shrugged.
Was this a pre-planned absence or is she really intent on avoiding me? I thought to myself. “Hey Gage, where’s Dick?” Tobias inquired. “Oh crap, how did I not notice he was gone?”
“Wasn’t he with you on the bus like always?” Then I realized I hadn’t spoken to Richard since Saturday. “No he wasn’t I really don’t know where he is.”
“Hey!” a voice from behind us shouted. I turned to see a moderately attractive girl with brown hair. “Are you Gage Hendricks?” she demanded. “Yes and you are?” I asked unsure of what was going on. “Someone who’ll be watching you, and the next time your step out of line.” She glared at me and walked away. I turned to Tobias; we both shrugged as he said “Chicks be
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