Creative Writing: To Be Continued

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To Be Continued…
In last month’s issue of To Be Continued… Bianca Barker is a young detective in training who loves a good mystery. When the Riverwood High Masquerade Queen’s crown is stolen however, she finally gets a mystery to solve.
The red and blue lights illuminated the front of the school. A mixture of upset neighbours in night gowns and high school students in dresses crowded together behind the police line. I sat next to the ambulance where a paramedic finished checking me over for any scrapes or cuts the glass shards could have left on my skin. Suddenly a blanket was placed over my shoulders and I jumped at the felling of the scratchy cotton on my bare arms.
“Easy there, tiger…” Finn said, putting his hands up to defend …show more content…

We waited in the alley beside the school until only one squad car remained: the poor deputy that was placed on night watch. Luckily for us, “night watch” duty in the RWPD is basically “nap in your squad car” duty. We waited until we were sure we could hear the Deputy snoring, and snuck quickly through the school doors.
“Man, these people deserve to be stolen from. They don’t even lock the doors.” Finn said.
“Shh…” I hushed him.
We crept slowly through the dark halls, using our phones as flashlights. We finally got to the gym and crept onto the stage, careful not to step on any glass.
“Okay, so what exactly are we looking for here?” Finn asked flashing his light across the stage.
“Anything that can help us find out who did this.” I said, examining the crime scene. I walked towards what used to be the glass case that held the crown, but was now a useless, shattered cube.
“It was obviously smashed from the top, by someone standing behind it.” I concluded aloud.
“Obviously.” Finn said sarcastically.
“And probably by a hammer.” I decided.
“Now how could you possibly know that?” Finn asked coming over to stand by …show more content…

I trudged forward through the darkness, my path illuminated by my cell phone light. The old ball diamond loomed before us in the moonlight. Outfield had been taken over by overgrown grass. Weeds poked through the red shale in field.
“This is definitely the place.” I said inspecting the area. On the far end of the diamond an old equipment shack stood amidst the weeds. “And that is definitely a place for a lair.”
I made my way across the field, Finn following close behind me. When we reached the old shed we found the padlock that was supposed to keep the door locked shut had already been cut clean off. I looked at Finn who nodded slightly. Together we opened the old door and entered the shed.
There wasn’t much in it, just empty shelves and a couple of dusty tables. At the far end of the room, a few dark objects sat on a table.
“What’s that?” Finn asked pointing at the dark shapes. I shone my flashlight in that direction and revealed three objects: the first a pair of red stained converse sneakers, the second an old, rusty hammer, and the third the glittering Masquerade Crown.
“Well that was easy.” I said. I realize now that I spoke to

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