Credit Life Insurance

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Problem Analysis

Through analyzing the California Credit Life Insurance Group it could be seen that the company is facing some serious issues regarding the gender biases within the company. Though the management believes in equal employment opportunity EEO, the executives have faced some issues related to sexual discrimination which is turning into bad reputation for the company.
A case was filed against James Bradford, a sales manager from the southern region by a sales rep from the same region reporting against sexual discrimination. The management took a serious action in resolving this issue that would
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Moreover it can be analyzed from the exhibit that all the men were the highest paid candidates.
Therefore CCLI needs to look after these problems so that they could avoid the negative image of the company and reduce internal discrimination that is leading to ethical issues.
If we look at exhibit 5, we can see that the South region is doing much worse that the total company. If we concentrate on the females in this exhibit, they are not happy with their job as the job satisfaction index is at 45% they are not content with their fellow workers as the index stands at a 49%. They are surely not happy with their supervisor which is Bradford in this case because the index is the lowest in this field and stands at 41%. We can see that the men are pretty much happy and satisfied with promotion and advancement because the index for men stands at 59% while for females it stands at only 48%. In this case all the number speak much louder than the text.
We have discussed the issues above regarding the company, our first recommendation to the company is that the company should take care of equal employment opportunities for every sales rep regardless of their gender. By looking at the case facts we can say that they do have the equal employment opportunity but only for the hiring process and once the women are hired they are not treated or compensated equally. The benefits and
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