Lisa Baxter gvv script Essay

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Developing a Voice - Lisa Baxter

Script 1
The company’s image
The employees
The female employees
The women employees
Lisa Baxter
Senior executives
The people who are harassing the women in the organization
Gvv argument
Gvv Counter Argument
Lisa Baxter has been encountering sexual harassment issues in the business and she thought she was the only one, until she found out that also other women in the organization are getting sexually harassed and so she decides to speak up
A meeting with the women going through issues of sexual harassment and the executives taking initial responsibility to punish or warn people harassing women.

Some senior executives had gathered up in one of the senior
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Bakhem: No way Lisa!
Sam (thoughtfully): No she’s right Bakhem, that’s the only way we can know if this is true and you know if it is true it can ruin our organizations image, also the employees image they will think all our employees are flirts.
Shawn: He’s got a point Bakhem.
Bakhem (hesitantly accepted): Fine where and when let me know I’ll be there.
(Bakhem stormed out of the board room)
Lisa: Is there a problem sir?
Sam: No, he just doesn’t like it when he’s wrong
Shawn: Lisa, go around and spread the word, and ensure them that they will not be harmed if they complain to us in the meeting instead tell them the people that harmed them will be affected, they will be either fired or given a warning.
Lisa (Excitedly): Yes sir.
Sam: Arrange the board room on Tuesday afternoon, at 2.
Lisa: yes sir.
Shawn: I’ll tell Bakhem.
Lisa: Thank you sir.
Sam: Well see you in the next meeting I suppose.
(Sam walked out of the room before Lisa responded)
Shawn: See you around Lisa.
Lisa: See you sir. (she left the room)

Part 2

The company image
Employees image
Lisa Baxter
Senior managers the employees that were in the team
Gvv argument
Gvv Counter Argument it was inappropriate, the way senior managers acted. They wanted to go to the strip club and mentioned all this in front of the women, for Lisa this was very rude and she was very uncomfortable about

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