Crime Against Humanity

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A crime against humanity is widespread or systematic attacks against a civilian population. Crimes against humanity is a problem that has repeated itself through history and is still occurring in the present world today. How countries, that are in a place of power, should or should not respond to these crimes is a controversial issue that numerous people differ on opinion. Some argue that nations should act according to their own national interest and do what is best for their country, including not doing anything at all. Other’s have a belief in which countries that are in a place to intervene should do so. This could be with a forceful militaristic approach. Any crime against humanity should not be tolerated in this view. Another opinion is that in crisis situations, a collective effort by an international community, such as the United Nations, should be the people who respond and resolve the conflict. This takes out individualizing countries, and creates an international effort. Over the course of history many diverse actions have been taken in response to a crime against humanity. Some examples as to why an international community or a country should intervene with full force and right away are through the Ukraine Famine, the Rwandan Genocide, and the Armenian Genocide.
What is known as the Ukraine Famine was a crisis in which no outside force responded to help the Ukrainians. When Stalin rose to power as the leader of the Soviet Union, one of his first actions was to

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