Crime In Canada

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Crime occurs when someone the formal written law by an overt act, omission or neglect that can result in punishment (Macionis, et, al., 2013, p.161). The impact of deviance can last for a long time on an individual, and the coping up ways of each individual that has been affected by crime differs from one another. Macionis, et, al., (2013) states that, “the problem of illegal drugs in countries such as Canada is a demand issue. The demand for cocaine and other drugs is increasing in alarming rate; as a result people look for illegal ways to get drugs. Which increase in crime rate on how people smuggle these drug to where it’s illegal, and high rates of addiction in many young people who are willing to risk arrest or even death for a chance …show more content…

In some communities in Canada it is illegal for business to offer both striptease and drinking and exotic dancing, if not they will be fined, while in some other communities it is not a crime (Macionis, et, al, 2013, p.163). The bombing that happened in the United States in 2001 at the twin towers, it has left a negative image and feeling around the globe, and impacts such as loss of lives, and structures. Due to this attack industries and jobs have declined in number. Many could not recover and those who recovered have individuals, and as industries they are left with limitations. Jedrychowski, E. (2012) states, “arguably no industry was more affected by the terrorist attacks of September11, 2001, than the commercial aviation sector. The direct role played by airlines on that fateful day forever changed the industry’s financial, economic, and operational dynamics” (p.179). The impact of this attack has affiliated Muslims in America and around the world with terrorism. Hacking, R. (2010) states, “53% of American Muslims say it has become more difficult to be a Muslim in the United States since the occurrence of this attack, it has become a hostile environment through which jobs, and trust amongst citizens were lost.” (p.921). When a person commits a crime here in North America an individual is innocent until proven guilty, but once that happens charges are

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