Crime Is The Most Dangerous And Challenging Event

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Crime is everywhere in society and it is the most dangerous and challenging event to control. There are many people within the world who desire to remain at peace and feel safe in the environment they choose reside. However, criminal acts will not end unless assistance such as counseling is offered to those individuals who desperately need psychological help. Another strategy would be to increase the police presence with law enforcement officials. For some criminals when an officer’s presence it acts as a deterrence for any criminal activity to occur. However, others who have a passion for crime will not care if law enforcement officials are around, because their goal is to complete the task at hand. Other issues contribute to crimes to occur because of the lack of jobs, healthcare, and the silence yet deadly killer which is racism. Although, everyone in the world may wish they could live without lives being taken away or money being taken secretly never the less these acts of crime will exist regardless of how law enforcement officials attempt to control them. Crime is one act that will remain inevitable in the world. Crime does not always consist of homicides. However, there are other crimes such as white collar crimes that have devastating blow to everyone in the world. When crimes such as white collar crimes transpires, people within a company face issues like loss of employment, families being destroyed, and companies can face bankruptcy problems. The white collar

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