Crime, Minorities and Drugs in the City of Baltimore

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My first reaction after watching the video Fault Lines- Baltimore- Anatomy of an American City was that city Baltimore is obviously a dangerous city and there is crime everyday. While anyone can commit a crime, in this particular video it was mainly blacks that were spoke about, I feel that they themselves sold drugs and killed people with guns because that’s the only way of life they knew and were not brave enough to change it for the better. The dealing of drugs was apparently big at one time and more arrest’s meant more money to the state, in order to stop violence and crime with guns, this meant trying to arrest each and every person they thought look suspicious. It seems to be that the black people feel it’s a “war on blacks” and think they are the only ones that we are after but it’s very untrue, it was said by the black man incarcerated that basically if you are of black color then you are going to jail. If people would be more open minded and stopped dragging out slavery from years ago, they would realize that we are not automatically arresting every black person that walks the street, it’s a pattern in Baltimore and it’s up to the ones that live there to change the pattern, prove us wrong and show us that it’s not a war on blacks but a war on drugs.

Not just anyone can make a law; in fact it takes some kind of powerful individual to make a law. Laws are established to outlaw any action that pressures their interests. When it comes to theoretical perspectives, I

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