Crime Statistics And Juvenile Crime

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Juvenile Crime Statistics
The paper will focus and highlight some details of the statistics of juvenile crime statistics and juvenile crime itself. Is an aim to evaluate the reduction in national juvenile arrest, narcotics offenses, minor assaults, and the allegations regarding minor females, with the incousion of ethnic and racial classes. Additionally, data will be shown on the increase in arrest for minor females, the contrast in decrease for their male delinquent counterparts and voilent crimes and lastly, the method of gathering trends for arresting data of juveniles. According to the (Juvenile Justice Bulletin, 2000). Determining juvenile crime statistics the arrest data report the amount of arrest made by law enforcement in a precise year - nor the amount of individual arrested nor the amount of crimes committed. Data about juvenile crime, in particular violent crime, and statistics about the size and characteristics of the juvenile population have played an important part in the policy debates (Zimring, 1998).

Overall Decrease in Juvenile Arrest
Juvenile crime rates are a significant portion of the UCR statistics. (Uniform Crime Report).Most of the crimes in which juveniles committed were in fact violent crimes. The main crimes that were committed were drug abuse and simple assault. According to the FBI, juveniles accounted for "17% of all arrests, while 15% of those arrests were considered violent crimes". (Juvenile Crime 2001, 2003) Overall there has been a

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