Criminal Defense Research Paper

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Navigating the criminal justice system in Austin can be challenging, especially for those who find themselves on the wrong side of the law. An experienced criminal defense attorney can mean all the difference in the world when it comes to defending against assault charges because there are so many variables at play. If you need to find a lawyer, look no further than Keith S. Hampton, Attorney at Law. Keith Hampton has received the Texas Lawyer of the Year award twice, and he offers a free initial consultation to potential clients who are seeking legal advice. Read on to learn how prosecutors try to prove criminal assault: Defendants Who Do Not Cause Harm Can Still Be Guilty Assault involves an action or the threat of an action by one person …show more content…

An experienced criminal defense attorney will often use a lack of proof of one or more of these elements as a defense. The four elements are: “An Act Intended to Create”: This means the defendant must have acted with the intention of causing fear in the victim. If the act was accidental, it is not criminal assault. “A Reasonable Apprehension”: The victim should have had a reasonable belief that he or she was about to be harmed by the defendant. “Of Imminent Harm”: The victim must have experienced fear in response to an immediate threat. Future threats do not constitute assault, and typically neither do words alone. “That Is Either Harmful or Offensive”: The defendant’s actions must have presented either a physical threat or behavior that was offensive to the victim. The two elements that generally receive the most attention in court are that of “intent” and whether the defendant’s actions were actually “harmful or offensive.” If you’re facing assault charges in Austin and want to speak to a criminal lawyer, call Keith S. Hampton, Attorney at Law today at (512) 476 – 8484 to schedule a free initial

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