Criminal Justice Is A Complex System

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Criminal justice is a complex system that requires a method to fully understand the many facets involved. Herbert L. Packer, Stanford University of Law Professor, published two key documents, an article "Two Models of the Criminal Process" and a book titled The Limits of Criminal Sanction which presented two models of the criminal justice system; the crime control model and the due process model. Packer 's objective was to present two very diverse methods to understand and process the workings of the criminal justice system. Even though Packer 's models are polar opposites, they do have some commonality in their adherences to the U. S. Constitution and its principles. However, their adherence is accomplished in their own unique way (Marion & Oliver, 2012). Subsequently, Malcom M. Feeley, a professor of criminal justice and law, expanded on Packer 's models which provided two viewpoints, rational goal and functional systems models, for understanding the criminal justice system, and provide insight on the most efficient way to organize the criminal justice system (Marion et al., 2012). In examining Packer 's models and Feeley 's models, one can visualize how the crime control, due process, rational goal, and functional systems models are related. Examining Packer 's crime control model, this model views crime as a breakdown of individual responsibilities and places the highest importance on repressing criminal conduct, therefore protecting society. Individuals who are
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