Criminal Justice Personnel And Victims At Their Workplace Essay

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Criminal Justice Personnel; Victims at Their Workplace According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics there are approximately 765,000 full time local and state law enforcement officers employed in the United States (Bureau of Justice Statistics, 2011). These officers respond to various calls during a tour of duty. According to the National Incident Based Reporting System, (NIBRS), that records 71 separate crimes that officers respond to, officers reported 4,759,438 incidents in 2014. This number was a result of only 35.2% of all agencies reporting (FBI, 2014). These officers that responded to calls for service ran the risk of being assaulted during the course of their response. According to the FBI report on Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Assaulted in 2014 there were 48,315 officers assaulted during the reporting year. Of that number 28.3% of the officers were injured (FBI, Law Enforcement Officers Killed or Assaulted 2014). These injuries not only take a toll on the officer in the form of physical injury and economic cost to the officer, but there is a psychological cost as well. A number of Criminal Justice Personnel not included in that number is Correctional Personnel. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics there are 427,790 persons employed in State correctional or local confinement facilities. Of this number 23,271 employees suffered from a work related illness or injury (Bureau of Labor Statistics 2015). Many of these officers will

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