Criminal Justice Process Analysis

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The criminal justice system involves a series of steps that start with the criminal investigation and end with carrying out of the sentence. As mentioned above an offender will first be investigated of the crime by police officers. This will include the gathering of evidence and a search. If the investigation points to the suspect as the likely offender, the next stage is the arrest of the suspect by police officers. This will involve the suspect being taken into police custody until arraignment before the court. For an arrest to be made there is a legal requirement of probable cause; this means that there must be reasonable evidence linking the particular suspect and a specific crime.
The next step in the criminal justice system is the prosecution …show more content…

In this, the defendant typically agrees to plead guilty in exchange for the prosecutor recommending a reduced sentence or reducing the severity of the charge made.
The trial then follows where the defendant’s guilt is adjudicated by a judge or a jury with the defense attorney and the prosecutor participating. It is important to note that the standard of evidence that is required for a criminal conviction must be guilt beyond reasonable doubt. While this does not necessarily mean 100 percent certainty in the guilt, it means that either the judge or the jury must be absolutely convinced by the evidence provided that the defendant is guilty. On the other hand, if there is a doubt based on the reason the accused must be acquitted of the charges made against him/her. The final step in the trial is the sentencing by a judge. The sentencing only occurs where the defendant is found guilty. Possible sentences include incarceration in a correctional institution, probation, fine or a combination of these. Once the sentence has been made the offender can seek an appeal at the appellate court where the offender seeks a reversal of the case. A successful reversal retunes the case to the trial court making the initial case moot. The prosecutor can choose to retry or to drop the charges in the case of a

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