Criminals Blamed Mental Illnesses Of Schizophrenia Essay

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Criminals Blames Mental Illnesses
Criminal activities characteristically has undesirable consequences for others, provides a compelling reason to think that criminals lack social motivation or is Schizophrenic. Consequently, Schizophrenia, a mental disorder is usually blamed by criminals who doesn’t have an exact reason for killing someone. People who has been characterized as being Schizophrenic, are normally put on medication to help them cope with their actions and emotions. Some symptoms of being Schizophrenic is having false beliefs of what is real and not real, what is clear or unclear, hears voices, lacks motivation to do certain things and withdraw from the outside world. People with schizophrenia often have a different perception of realism. Although schizophrenia is a chronic disorder, there is help available. With support, medication, and therapy, many people with schizophrenia are able to function independently and live fulfilling lives (Melinda Smith). However, there are people who uses the disorder an escape goat for their criminal actions, killing and murdering people and expect sympathy due to their illnesses.
Schizophrenic disorder has been the blame for many criminal activities over the years. If a person gets diagnosed with a mental problem and shows any sign of bad behavior leading up to criminal act, their mental illness is always the first that people looks at. However, the mental illness is never the issue, therefore, mental illnesses -with the right

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